Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out and the first players are entering the battle. Even if you haven’t played it yet, you can earn additional multiplayer items by watching Modern Warfare 2 streamers from October 28 to November 6.

Update from October 28: Updated MW2 version information

We explain exactly what you get and what steps you need to follow to get it.

Lawsuit against Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit alleging sexism and unequal treatment of female employees. If complaints play a role in your purchasing decision, we’ve summarized all the information about the sexism case for you in a detailed article. You can read our stance on processes and our conclusions in GameStar editor-in-chief Heiko Klinge’s leading article on the Blizzard scandal.

there is something to gain

Here you can see all the rewards along with a short guide.

Here you can see all the rewards along with a short guide.

In the picture you can see all the awards at a glance. You must have participating streams for one hour to unlock everything Between 28 October and 6 November 2022 to look. Again, all rewards in order of unlocking:

  • medallion 141 Weapon Trinket: Unlocks after 15 minutes
  • Angel of Death Calling Card and Emblem: Unlocks after 30 minutes
  • something in my teeth Weapon Stickers: Unlocks after 45 minutes
  • guard dog 141 Weapon Plan: Unlocks after 60 minutes

A blueprint is a pre-made weapon with a specific skin and fixed attachments. By the way, here are all the weapons you can unlock so far in Modern Warfare 2:

All weapons in CoD Modern Warfare 2


more on the subject

All weapons in CoD Modern Warfare 2

This is how you unlock rewards

To unlock all rewards you must be between: October 28 and November 6 2022 Watch a broadcaster of your choice while playing the new CoD. Here are all the necessary steps in detail:

  1. Create Account: Create a Call of Duty Account on this website. This step is of course not necessary if you already have an account. You will also need a Twitch account, which you can create here.
  2. Link accounts: Now you need to link your CoD account to your Twitch account. Just follow this link, login and you will be automatically redirected. Note that if you linked your Twitch and CoD accounts before October 10, 2022, you must also complete this step.
  3. watch stream: Now you have to watch a streamer playing Modern Warfare 2 for a maximum of one hour to get all the rewards. Note that Twitch Drops are active on the channel you selected (Drops Enabled). After that your rewards should appear in Modern Warfare 2, but you may not see them until you restart the game.

What else should you know?

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign has been on pre-order for a while…

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