The cover art for the SINoAlice manga shows a girl holding her phone while it's covered in blood.

uhhhh… can I have a happy ending?
illustration: Square Enix

Usually, when a game’s online servers are at sunset, players don’t get the opportunity to go out in a self-aware blaze of victory before the final dawn comes. But then again, most games are no quirks Nier its creator, Yoko Taro, as director.

The game in question SINOALICE, Square Enix’s free-to-play role-playing action mobile gacha game for iOS and Android. In it, you play as fairy-tale characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Princess Kaguya, who fight to revive their writers for a happy ending. Somewhere down the line, the fight for a happily ever after life came with their help. Nier and drakengard 3 characters during special cooperative events. But for players in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau SINoAliceTheir servers, which went offline on November 10, coincide with a special mission designed by Taro. Once completed, players will be removed from the game forever.

“After clearing the last bow completely, a[n] The ending clip will be played. When this clip ends, you will be logged out. After that you can never be. record. I never. Again,” sino_englisha fan Twitter account that translates SINoAliceHe wrote the tweets of ‘s official account. “Please clean everything before you set foot” “NIER fans will understand.

Spoiler alert for Nier: Automata.

illustration: Square Enix

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Meta end quests in a Taroverse game are not a new phenomenon. Inside Nier: Automata‘s ending E had to decide whether players would delete all game data in exchange for helping another player during the game’s final boss fight. At the end the E evoked a sense of comradeship with playmate, SINoAlice takes shape as a lone final and brutal curtain call.

According to sino_english, the game’s co-op feature will be turned off and players will compete against a “very strong” last opponent. If you lose, you can’t continue. Today, nine out of ten SINoAlice‘s last missions, called verses, were published. SINoAliceThe tenth and final verse is scheduled for release on November 3, giving players seven days to complete the mobile game’s final story mission. This result is particularly grim considering that gacha games allow players to invest a significant amount of their disposable income into unlocking characters and the like. Not being able to log in and see their bright and shiny anime faces is a fate I wouldn’t wish for on my worst enemy.

Square Enix

“Once you reach the end, the Library will be permanently closed forever. There will be no going back after this. Even if you want to help your friends clean the partition, there is no way to help directly. When it’s over, everything will be gone,” wrote sino_english.

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given SINoAliceIt’s already a hella meta story with cute fairy tale characters fighting for it…

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