I’m Gunther and today I’m taking you on a journey. An adventure ride and LEGO bricks. You might as well be there when I set up my Central Perk on the dinner table in a place I’m not exactly familiar with, and when my favorite guests Rachel, Monika, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross arrive.

It’s mine! Fortunately, the builder quickly freed me from the stone bag and got me together. But there isn’t much to see from Central Perk yet. There’s just a pile of rocks here.
Ah! Much better. The floor plan is finally in place. There are still a few holes in the floor and no walls or interiors, but at least I can stand on parts of Central Perk.
And Rachel is already there. Great, she’s even ready to start her job as a waitress with me. “Thanks for the coffee, Rachel.”
Coffee was good. In the meantime, the first parts of our stage were set. Our kitchen is coming soon. Then Rachel no longer needs to make the coffee at home, it’s right here in Central Perk in our gastro machine.
And there is a coffee machine. Central Perk is slowly turning into a real coffee.
Our kitchen has become beautiful. A lot of work has been done there. Joey also stopped by. He brought the pizza, no matter how good it was. “Hey! Don’t eat everything alone!”
Wonderful! Another wall. Still not sharing his pizza, Joey made himself comfortable on a bench. And Chandler came. I have no idea why he studied the scene so closely.
Oh this. Chandler says there are holes in the stage. I then explained to him that the scene is not over yet.
Central Perk is getting crowded. Ross is here and we have a table at the end. Musical entertainment is also offered during the construction phase. Phoebe’s guitar is with her, and I’m sure she’ll sing Smelly Cat for us.
Then Ross turned to us.
Now that the scene is over, things can work out. Even Monica arrived on time and immediately got one of our delicious cupcakes.
Phoebe is already very excited. The big construction site concert begins.
The audience goes crazy. Or eat pizza.
Here you are! Central Perk shines again in all its glory. Phoebe sings happily to herself, Rachel offers her friends coffee, and Joey, Ross, Chandler and Monika enjoy themselves in the sitting area. It’s like 10 seasons on TV. What a beautiful revival.
Hey! Quickly Now the showcase is there. My guests and I can now enjoy our time at Central Perk forever. I hope we don’t have to listen to Smelly Cat forever anymore. At some point the song gets annoying. But Phoebe will definitely be back with a new song soon.

That’s it for me guys. I hope you had fun accompanying me on this rebuilding journey. And who knows. Maybe see you at Central Perk. Then there is coffee at home.

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