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20.10.2022 // There are treats and treats for Halloween this year

The spooky season is here! Spooky treats await commanders with gruesome events this Halloween World of Tanks-Universum. Players can join the Pumpkin Party and receive a team of five charismatic characters (World of Tanks PC), discover the hidden treasure of the Mystery of the Lost Pyramid event (World of Tanks Blitz) and unleash the monster inside the tank in the Monster Party (World of Tanks Modern Armor).

World of Tanks PC: K├╝rbisparty

It’s witch season World of Tanks PCkicks off with the Pumpkin Bash event on October 19. Players can join a series of tank pilots who disappeared on their way to our earthly plane. Commanders will receive a team of five charismatic characters with varying strengths to take part in upcoming 15v15 PvP battles in Tier VI-VIII vehicles on four maps Halloween themes you can use. Each player must prepare for crazy new gameplay elements, including superpowers on the battlefield, special abilities that activate before battle, unlimited respawns, and more.

World of Tanks Blitz: Mystery of the Lost Pyramid

The treasures of the lost pyramid are coming World of Tanks Blitz. During this event, which will begin on October 20, players will go in search of the pyramid and fight for the valuable treasures it contains. The treasures of the pyramid are many and include premium time, power-ups, x5 XP certificate, credits and the spooky Medjay shell.

Also inside the pyramid is the Pharaoh’s Treasure with even more riches: tons of resources, avatars, camouflages and even the Indomitable Pharaoh tank, a majestic and proud vehicle.

World of Tanks Modern Armor: Monster Party

Popular Halloween game mode The Beast Party will be available again on October 18. Due to its huge popularity among gamers, Monster Party will run for two full weeks this year.

During this event, players will be rewarded with monster tanks in one of two special events. Halloween cards fight: Grim Graveyard or Dead City. Those who have not yet purchased a Monster Tank from the Garage can join Monster Mash as well, as all players have access to the Specter, a fearsome Tier VI medium tank that will be available for free in every Garage only for Monster. party.

Trick or treat time. What scary event will happen?

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