Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid lies in a water cave in Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

Screenshot: Gameloft / Kotaku

Disney has been in a naughty streak lately. Not long ago, there was the West port. twisted wonderland game where characters based on classic villains transform into beautiful anime boys fighting each other. More recently, at House of Mouse’s big D23 fan event, Disney says it’s starting to consider a villain-themed addition to the theme park.. And now, fans of the big Disney life simulation all Welcoming Scar in their neighborhood. Yes, the black lion that killed his brother Lion King It would make a great addition to Remy’s side, don’t you think?

Disney Dreamlight Valley out the door with a variety of beautiful options that allow players Make the Mickey Mouse cottage town your dream town. With Wall-E, you can have a good, sad time planting a garden and contemplate the vast mysteries of the ocean while fishing with Moana. You can also play with fire. Dream Light Valley It features not only beloved heroes, but also a handful of villains from iconic Disney movies like Ursula and Mother Gothel.

Life sims have always included thorny options. Celebrity, Shane Stardew Valley He may be rude and cold, but if you’re persistent, you’ll find out he’s suffering from depression. In many ways, complex characters are treated, knowingly or unknowingly, by life simulation players as a challenge to be conquered or a puzzle to be unlocked. It’s no coincidence that fans voted for Shane to be a marriage option.

Dream Light ValleyThe bad guys aren’t there for you to plunge into a savior complex. They are not there to teach you something new about yourself or to help you feel good about your place in the world. Of course, like other characters, dream light The villains will give you items as you level up. But spiritually, the game’s villains are agents of chaos, and it’s up to you to choose whether or not to go into the darkness with them. Of course you will to some extent, because no attention at all means you’re missing out on story content. But you’re definitely not trying to find the right dialogue option in hopes of finally kissing the bad boy. Most likely, you will not even be sure that you need to do this.

Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid holds a potion while the Disney Dreamlight Valley heroines stand in the background in her cave.

Screenshot: Gameloft

By Disney dream light producer Manea Castet, the developers of Gameloft knew at the beginning of the game that they wanted to have villains.

“Let’s face it, a lot of people love the bad guy,” Castet said. my box In a conversation that took place before the game’s addition of Scar. “Some [love] more of them than protagonists or side characters.”

from Ursula The Little Mermaid Castet was a “super” interesting character to work with because he was a villain, he said, “definitely has his own agenda.” When you first find Ursula, she is locked in a cave. You’re not really sure what it means to set him free, especially when he doesn’t want to tell you why he’s looking for something called the Sphere. Strength (emphasis mine). He offers to help you find the Orb…

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