From 9 to 12 November, NRW KULTURsekretariat organizes the Next Level Festival in Düsseldorf for the second time in cooperation with various partners. Ubisoft Blue Byte participates again as a sponsor and organizes an “Art of Game” exhibition as part of the Next Level Festival, where works of art are exhibited. Blue Byte Generation will be published. These include popular classics like Anno, The Settlers and Assassin’s Creed Identity, all created at development studios in Düsseldorf or Mainz. Visitors can deepen the impressions later and „Blue Bytes“-Artists Look over your shoulder during live drawing.

With the “Art of Game” exhibition, we want to show that games set the standards, especially in the field of graphics,” says Studio Manager Benedikt Grindel. Ubisoft Blue ByteThe “Art of Games” exhibition showcases the work of our top graphic designers. These studies are crucial in the development process to convey the vision of the games.”

Additional loads Ubisoft Blue Byte multi-day game jam. Here 30 participants are designing several games on this year’s theme “Health”. Participants consist of “Blue Bytes” developers and guests who have previously applied for a place.

Conferences, discussions, workshops and exhibitions on “digital games and their future in art, education and business” will be held at the Next Level Festival on games and their potential. More information can be found at

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