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cyberpunk 2077 introduces an open-world item-collecting quest that at first glance seems swamp-standard, in the form of scannable tarot card graffiti scattered throughout the city. Finding them isn’t too much of a hassle as the map shows every location for you as soon as they appear.

You may be tempted to wander around the map and disable them all at once, or ignore it if checklist-intensive work isn’t your thing. But this quest isn’t just about achieving success. It’s actually a very clever narrative sequence woven throughout the entire game, returning to various elements of the plot. You have a very specific way to scan these cards and interpret the meanings of what you find. There are some great artworks to see and you’ll get some interesting perspectives on the plot.

if Edgerunnertarot use Are you mysteriously inspired, what happens in the game will not disappoint you. This guide will help you determine when and where to deal with tarot cards. If you’re going back and letting these collectibles remain uncollected, or just navigating the map while collecting them, this will help you reinterpret what you thought was boring. cyberpunk 2077.

Finding the “Stupid on the Hill” Side Job

cyberpunk 2077 It doesn’t make it too difficult for you to activate the tarot card quest. In fact, it throws it in your face, but you can almost miss it if you’re not careful.

After the end of Act One, you’ll be wearing a certain rocker boy on your head. As you pass one of these tarot collections, which can be random based on your location, Johnny Silverhand will point at him and then be asked to speak to Misty in his shop.

It will give you a more or less summary of what the tarot means, and you have the option of responding with skepticism or playing with mysticism. This has no effect on the mission, so feel free to play the role of V as you wish here.

gif: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

How to choose which tarot cards to scan first and why

Scanning each tarot card graffiti is as simple as holding down Tab on a keyboard or LB/L1 on a controller, and that’s it. You can hit the dialog button when you come across one, and if you’re not keeping an eye on the map in your menu, seeing a random dialog prompt pop up could be a clue that you have a card nearby. not yet detected.

But given that the game determines the location of each card, you’re probably going to ask “where’s the difficulty in that?” You are likely to think.

Collecting Tarot Cards in Cyberpunk 2077

What I’m going to tell you, dear reader, is when and where you scanned them and what meaning you made of them in relation to certain characters and plot developments. It’s a fantasy sliver woven from an otherwise grounded sci-fi setting.

If that sounds good… well, we’re talking tarot here! It’s best to see all these tarot symbols on the map…

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