Update from October 27, 2022: If you haven’t secured the game, which is currently free on the Epic Games Store, you should hurry. Otherwise, a true role-playing classic will slip through your fingers: Fallout 3. So far at 17:00 German time you have the opportunity to claim the Bethesda title. After that, Fallout 3 and Evoland will be replaced by two more games.

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Original message: Is your Epic library full of games you’ll probably never buy? After all, who can say no to a gift?

There’s an offer on the Epic Games Store that’s really hard to refuse this week. We introduce you to new games and tell you who they are especially valuable to.

As always, the offer is valid for exactly one week, ie. October 27 at 17:00.

You can also get other good games for cheap in the weekly Steam Sale:

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18 great games on Steam Sale especially cheap

fallout 3

Fallout 3 -



Fallout 3 – “It was really eye-opening” – Top ten open world games

Type: Role | Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Release: 28. October 2008

The first Fallout in 3D is a real milestone for us, which is why we chose it as one of the ten best open world games and gave it one of the highest GameStar scores in the test. Fallout 3 is also very popular with you as it was the #1 Fallout title in our community poll. And rightly so!

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A unique role-playing game

Fallout 3 is a unique experience in many ways. It begins with an introduction that allows you to experience your own birth and growth in a nuclear bunker. And the fun is just beginning when you take a first look at the sprawling wasteland during the supposed moment of stepping.

When you step out of the vault, the great world opens before your eyes.

When you step out of the vault, the great world opens before your eyes.

Then there are countless exciting quests, various NPCs and a huge world that you can explore for a long time. Whether you’re helping a mysterious tree creature, negotiating between vengeful ghouls and arrogant humans, risking your own skin for a survival guide, or deciding the fate of the entire city, it’s quickly forgotten that this world was wrapped in the 2008 tech scaffold.

Decisions are the keyword here. Because Fallout 3 lets you choose where to go next, how to solve quests, and which factions to sympathize with. Only the main quest can only be completed one way. Another star is Die Welt, with its uniquely retrofuturistic style and mix of 1950s optimism, bleak endings and eerie humor. There are also some really cool secrets hidden here:

Fallout's biggest mystery is driving people crazy


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