Five new The Witcher games were recently announced, including an all-new trilogy with a new story – all with cryptic project names that could hide everything, of course. But at least we have clarity on one project: The sinister Canis Majoris will be a true remake of 2007 debut The Witcher 1.

Currently transmitting CD Projekt RED: Classic is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary, so the publisher is letting the curtain fall. However, CD Projekt won’t be developing the game itself – it will be done by a newly formed studio called Fool’s Theory, made up of various former Witcher veterans. CD Projekt boss Adam Badowski has this to say about the development in the official press release:

It all started for us with The Witcher for CD Projekt RED. It was the first game we did and it was a big moment for us back then. Going back to that place and re-developing the game for next-gen players to experience feels just as big, if not bigger. Working with Fool’s Theory on this project is also exciting because some of the people there have worked on The Witcher games before. They know the source material well, they know how long players can wait for the remake, and they know how to make incredible and ambitious games. And while it will take some time for us to explain more about and about the game, I know it will be worth the wait.

Adam Badowski, CD Projekt RED

What do we know about restructuring?

There is still very little information about the remake. The original announcement of the new Witcher games talked about the open-world single-player experience, but that can mean a lot across a spectrum: the remake is set or takes place in a relatively small setting around Vizima like the original. a much larger open world. We also don’t know anything about gameplay tweaks yet.

The Canis Majoris Project, like all new Witcher projects, is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, but so far only the following image is available:

Our writer Tillmann is especially looking forward to the remake, as the first episode was particularly outstanding for him in some areas. That’s why he wants it to hold one great power:

The Witcher remake must first inherit a strength of the original.


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The Witcher remake must first inherit a strength of the original.

When will The Witcher 1 remake be released?

However, the airtime can be somewhat narrowed down. According to CD Projekt, the game should be released at an early stage and after The Witcher 4 or Project Polaris – and since that’s scheduled for roughly two years, a 2025 or 2026 release period would be realistic. We can do the math.

In the meantime, there’s definitely someone or the other person here in the editorial office who sees The Witcher 1 as the best Witcher ever. That’s why we’re so excited to see what’s new…

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