New on A personalized book Benjamin the elephant and a self-designed main character.

In’s new personalized children’s book, Benjamin the elephant Live your own personal adventure with the world’s most beloved talking elephant. adjacent, next to Benjamin the elephant The gifted child plays the leading role in the lovingly illustrated story. Appearance, favorite foods, hobbies and much more can be fully adapted to the little ones Benjamin Blumchen fan crop. The little hero travels with them in search of his parents. Benjamin the elephant, Otto and many animals Neustadt Zoo. All animals are asked if they have seen the parents of the main character. More and more animals want to help and join the search. Of course, everyone eventually gets back together and celebrates together at the zoo restaurant.

No prior knowledge is required to design this personalized story, because the online configurator at will help you. It offers several alternatives to optically adapt the protagonist to the living model. The living conditions of the main character – his place of residence, favorite food, the appearance of the parents or the parent with whom the child lives, and his best friend – are taken into account. Personal photos and a dedication can also be added. The numerous personalization options at make each book a very personal gift, which is printed individually and sent to the desired address.

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