SimCity Social Fans can’t wait for this summer a class von Mercedes-Benz gets into their game. electronic arts has a partnership today Mercedes-Benz announced by SimCity Social Player can enjoy exclusive in-game items worldwide (except for North America and Canada). SimCity Social It is a co-production of two award-winning studios. Maxi and game fish. The title combines the best elements of social gaming with the depth and creativity the game has to offer. SimCity series Wonderful.

“Typical humor SimCity Social based on the fun, weird and spontaneous gameplay that defines the series”says Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios game fish. “partnership with Mercedes-Benz allows us to include players’ favorite brands in their games. We review each partnership to determine its value for our fans and gameplay. Mercedes-Benz It blends extremely well with city building and user customization. SimCity Social embodied.”

players Missions specific to Mercedes-Benz complete, get special items, for example Mercedes Benz factorygives them additional game options. Also, the vehicles a class Bring flair, spirit and style to players’ cities.

“New a class It represents the pulse of a new generation that breaks conventions and is therefore made for an immersive city-building simulation. SimCity Socialsaid Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President of Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Furthermore, the integration of the brand Mercedes-Benz It is a logical step in our communication strategy, where social media also plays an important role in a social game. Because electronic arts perfect partner for us. Just as Mercedes-Benz The company stands for technical innovation, captivating fun and attention to detail.”

With SimCity Social set out for urban development Facebook It heralds a new era as mayors can now make key decisions that allow them to create and develop unique cities. Inside SimCity Social nothing is linear. Players’ decisions alone influence the development of their city and allow players to unleash their creativity. As the mayor of their city, players will face unexpected problems such as fire, crime and pollution. Now it’s up to the players to make fundamental decisions for the good of their city. Social interaction opportunities come into play SimCity Social far beyond visiting friendly cities or using them for adventures. For the first time in a social game of this kind, players can form mutually beneficial relationships with other cities or deliberately encourage competition between cities. Given the numerous opportunities for city growth and relationships with other cities,…

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