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Just a few days ago Victoria 3 was released, now Paradox is already announcing the first patch. It needs to fix annoying issues and bugs that some players still have to deal with.

But the studio has provided helpful workarounds for a few challenges so you can already find a solution to your problem. Full patch notes are also available on page two of this news.

You can read our Victoria 3 review here:

Victoria 3 is a revolution that will take time


giant test

Victoria 3 is a revolution that will take time

So you can already avoid mistakes

As Paradox noted on their forums, they are already aware of some issues. If you can’t wait for the patch, a few already have a short-term fix for it. We list:

  • Language settings and Co. cannot be changed:
    Some user configurations cause unchangeable settings causing difficulties for Paradox launcher. Paradox recommends uninstalling the launcher and restarting the game. More information is available on the Paradox forum.
  • The map is black when the game starts:
    Make sure no controller is connected to the PC. This can cause the camera to go in a direction where no graphics are stored.
  • Travel time for generals can be skipped for multiple orders on the same front:
    One by One – Give new orders only when the general arrives at the front. It’s best to agree with your friends in multiplayer that no one is allowed to take this advantage.
    But if you’re intentionally making your life easier (and preferably not in multiplayer), check out the best cheats we’ve come across in the article below:
Victoria 3 Guide: Best Cheats and Console Commands


more on the subject

Victoria 3 Guide: Best Cheats and Console Commands

  • Generals retreat to headquarters in several battles at once:
    If you made a peace treaty while another war was going on, check your generals and make sure they didn’t go home.
  • Victoria 3 crashes when players hover over the sell button after a new country has joined the market:
    Wait at least a week in-game after a new country joins the market. After that, you can look at the market data again.
  • Sync error when trying to join a multiplayer match that is already in progress:
    Paradox suggests simply trying again. If it doesn’t work after a few tries, ask the server to rehost the game and it’s really…

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