As part of the quality offensive, I wrote that I wanted to publish the news somehow. I certainly won’t be posting a story every week, but whenever interesting news comes in, it’s not time critical. So let’s start with the first collection of news.

Doctor Mario World will be released for iOS and Android devices on July 10

A new Nintendo game for iOS and Android will be released on July 10, 2019. Next will appear a Nintendo classic for the two major operating systems iOS and Android, namely Dr. Mario. As with the original version, Dr. Defeat the Mario World viruses by matching capsules of the same color.

Valley of the Vikings Named Child’s Game of the Year 2019

On June 24, 2019, the Critics’ Award for Children’s Play of the Year was presented in Hamburg. This year, the award went to Tal der Vikings from HABA, competing against co-nominated Fabulantica and Go Gecko Go!! could dominate. HABA managed to win this award for the second time in a row, by winning the award at its ancestor Funkelschatz.

The most successful home computer of all time returns

Retro fans beware! Mark 5 December 2019 on your calendar in red. Then a new highlight appears in the retro sky. Full size C64. Retro Games Ltd brings back the classic among home PCs sold at Koch Media, of course with modern technology like four USB ports and an HDMI connection under the hood. Pre-installed classics include California Games and Boulder Dash, but it’s also possible to run your own C64 games on the device. The target price is 119.99 €.

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