New Overwatch 2 heroes Junker Queen and Kiriko don their Halloween costumes.

Halloween is approaching, my ghouls, my girls, and my non-binary friends. To celebrate the goblins of the night, Overwatch 2 It will host its annual spooky in-game event, Halloween Terror, until November 8. The event introduces new terrifying skins and a cooperative PvE mode, pitting you against hordes of zombie heroes. It’s awesome, albeit scary, but did you know that there are also some memorable Easter eggs that you can find in the game?

Every year since the first year overwatchAt the start of , Blizzard is rolling out the seasonal offer that includes themed character unlocks and seasonally appropriate map changes. Players seem to be enjoying the horrors and sights this time around. a big drop from past years. This is probably thanks to fans who were either excited or scared by some of the Easter eggs they came across.

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get the spooky version composite map Eichenwalde, Adlersbrunn. Typically a castle town infested with lush ivy, pumpkins strewn on the ground and ghostly treated as night takes over. If you get far enough on the map (usually around the second point), you’ll notice something a little odd about a particular dog portrait. Apparently, the dog will bark or whine at you if you give the picture expressions such as saying hello or waving. This is a good but scary dog.

But wait, there’s more! Players have also spotted a new substitute on the map. Normally, in the past years, dark souls Bonfires can be found in certain corners of Adlersbrunn. But now, it has been replaced by a bonfire transmitted through bloodlamp.

These are just the two Easter eggs that players dusted, but I’m sure there are more to come at the event. also there a bunch of spooky Twitch drops you can get your hands on Use the livestream platform by November 6, featuring the legendary werewolf Winston costume and more.


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Overwatch 2 It has been running since its launch on October 4th. plenty of bugs and server issuesalso removal of characters and maps (just came back recently), many players called this version early access. Blizzard has since responded, to outline a series of planned changes to further balance the game’s problems.

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