Overwatch character Sombra dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein.

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From October 25 to November 8, Overwatch 2 Celebrating its first season event since its debut earlier this month: the 2022 edition that takes weeks every year halloween terror splurge. As in previous years, Halloween Terror will honor the holiday with new looks and new costumes. Junkenstein’s Revenge themed cooperative competition. The mod might sound familiar, but this time, Blizzard has expanded the map with more checkpoints and fun bosses. people having a good time this direction, but part of the incentive to play used to be unlocking. and what happened scary for this year overwatch‘s Halloween offerings are that all those formerly free temptations are now trapped behind an expensive battle pass.

In terms of limited edition cosmetics unlocked by completing contests in previous years, Blizzard is currently listing 10 oddly “discounted” but paid packs and skins. Sombra and heavy metal hangman skin for Junker Queen. This year’s event rewards are limited to sprays and sound lines-No reward skins.

Blizzard never said it would necessarily be otherwise. Before Overwatch 2 Released in September, Developer Wrote clearly on your blog He said each episode of its nine-week seasonal model will be tied directly to “a new Battle Pass, each with a unique theme and 80+ unlockable cosmetic tiers.”

But it’s a different feeling, like reading something and seeing it happen in practice, being told your rent is going to go up, and then getting a bill and understanding, AhYour rent has gone up.

Prices are also confusing. Fans who want to buy the legendary skin of the healer Kiriko, first of all, Blizzard’s listed the volume at $26 or 2,600 Overwatch Coins and second, no way to buy only 600 Coins. So to get closer to 2,600 you will have to spend $30 on 3,000 Coins. And again, despite the Halloween costumes being released just yesterday, the witch costume is listed at a 29% discount from 3,700 Coins like never before.

Top comment on YouTube “Blizzard did a great job at this year’s Halloween event” Overwatch 2“The prices for the skins are going to be absolutely terrifying,” says the Halloween trailer for .

“The halloween terror in overwatch this year has to be the biggest scam blizzard ever made hahahah.” League of Legends professional Oscar “Self-made” Boderek wrote on Twitter.

A passionate, popular comment read in a newspaper is “This is the downfall of corporate America”. overwatch Reddit thread discussion no free skins. All roads lead overwatch.

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