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There’s a lot of turmoil and complaints Overwatch 2lack of in-game store prices and free loot boxes. Earning credits and unlocking new outfits for free in the newly released shooter sequel is much more difficult than in the first game. And a new example of how expensive it is Overwatch 2 discovered by a fan who bought a weapon talisman from Blizzard in real life for half the price of its digital, in-game counterpart.

To say Overwatch 2 To have made a rough launch would be both a correct and an inadequate statement. Blizzard’s free-to-play hero shooter launches October 4 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Switch, and PC. Immediately after launch, encountered server problems due to DDoS attacks. Other issues To involve mobile phone requirementproblems with invite your friends to your group, extended downtimecharacters like Bastion being removed, and more. It hasn’t been a great first month for the shooter, that’s for sure. And adding to all this mess, players were annoyed by Blizzard’s changes in the economy and the way cosmetics work. Overwatch 2with many criticisms lack of free loot boxes mentioned abovehigh prices on cosmetics, and the amount of grind required to unlock new outfits for those who do not want to give money for loans.

Last, a player posted in the game’s main subdirectory that they can buy a real life At hospital Keychain magic from Blizzard for $5. The same talisman in the real game costs 700 credits and how the credits are sold Overwatch 2, getting enough credits to buy it will cost you at least $10. Yes, it costs at least twice as much as its real-life counterpart.

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Even if we ignore the “cheaper in this talisman meat world” component of this story, it’s still wild. To be honest, I’m surprised that Blizzard charges 700 credits for a single in-game weapon talisman. For $10 or less, I can get all the skin packs Fortnite or buy full games on Steam. And if you want to buy a full character skin Overwatch 2Be prepared to pay $15 or more. For about the same price, you can buy a real one. overwatch skin: aka a real-life Halloween costume. All these prices are just bonkers.

Still, at least the game is fun. And for all the Bastion networks out there, I have good news: A few days ago the murder machine was back in the game. about two weeks after having MIA due to a bad mistake. Bastion is still fun to play with even if you don’t get a new look for him and his cute bird.

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