Brave penguins can now embark on two big adventures “Club Penguin” experience, because since May 23 Card-Jitsu-Party also new multiplayer online game “Card Jitsu Snow” Launched: Fearless users can transform into snow ninjas and learn the ancient art of art within the game. Card Jitsu learn to face the sinister snow minions and those in danger Club Penguin Island to save.

After the island was partially buried by an ice avalanche, the penguins were trapped under the snowdrifts. “Kart-Jitsu Schnee”-Dojo discovered. It’s the perfect place to take an icy challenge because they’ve been trying for a long time. “Club Penguin”-Ninjasto master the two elements fire and water – they finally have the opportunity to prove their skills in the snow.

Inspired by the well-known game of rock-paper-scissors, wobbly users can face off against their opponents from level to level to reach the highest level in the final battle. Card-Jitsu Snow Master meet. Members can expand their power with cool power cards. With these additional abilities, they can heal allies, stun enemies, and even deal double damage to them.

During Card-Jitsu-Party The following functions and items are available to users:

  • „Card Jitsu“-Style: Various ninja style costumes are available for all members. There are also great accessories like water, snow and fire wigs, a fan and kimono or earthquake cloak. Of course, you can also attend the party without a costume.
  • Special Snowball: Snowball changes in relation to Card-Jitsu area – Water bombs are thrown into the water area, pepper bottles are thrown into the fire area, and large snowballs are thrown into the snow area.
  • Special Igloo Items: Members can use their virtual currency to build their ninja style igloo. These include a sushi table, a stone walkway, a ninja floor, paper lanterns, bonsai trees and much more.
  • Sensei’s Appearance: The famous penguin will be in Sensei “Club Penguin” See and support the ninjas in their quest to dominate the elements and fight snow minions

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