CoD Modern Warfare 2 received two updates before its release.
CoD Modern Warfare 2 received two updates before its release.

Yesterday there was a massive 40GB day one patch, today the next update for CoD Modern Warfare 2 has arrived: You can now download update 1.04 which brings many important changes to the multiplayer mode starting Friday.

When exactly it starts and all other important information can be found here:

All information, new features + version


CoD Modern Warfare 2

All information, new features and version

CoD MW2 Update 1.04 brings these changes

In an official blog post, the CoD developers at Infinity Ward announced a number of changes for CoD MW2 multiplayer. If you’ve already installed or played the campaign, you don’t need to do anything else – the patch will install itself when you launch the Battle.Net app.

The three most important changes

Improved visibility: Your opponents are now marked with a small diamond above their heads to better distinguish between friend and foe. Also, the lighting and contrast have been adjusted for better enemy visibility.

You can see again how difficult it was to spot enemies before in our beta gameplay video:

CoD MW2 Beta-Gameplay: GameStar Ringt um Flaggen in Domination


CoD MW2 Beta-Gameplay: GameStar Ringt um Flaggen in Domination

steps: The range where you can hear enemy footsteps has been reduced and the overall footsteps effect is now quieter. This will make it easier for you to approach your enemies without hearing them coming from far away.

Third Person Mode: In a new game mode, your COD should also play from a shoulder perspective for the first time – ideal for anyone who wants to admire operator looks. Even if you aim at landscapes and landscapes, you are now in outer perspective. If you only screw high zoom (ACOG or higher) scopes or special attachments like thermal sights into your weapons, the game will now switch to a first-person view when aiming.

More info about CoD Modern Warfare 2

The long-awaited multiplayer mode for CoD MW 2 launches on Friday. By then, all pre-orders of the shooter can already play in the single-player campaign. Our testing shows that the story was really worth it this year:

Highlight the campaign with a fiasco mission


CoD Modern Warfare 2 im Test

Highlight the campaign with a fiasco mission

We’ve also collected countless tips for a great start – such as safe codes for safes hidden in the game, which you need to successfully unlock all achievements and achievements. And once you’re done, don’t forget to check out our explanation of the ending and the post-credits scene.

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