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Sometimes the scariest thing not a giant monster or an army of zombies. Instead, it can be something believable and understandable, as if it could happen to you one day. For example, get a new trailer for a bodycam horror game that will soon go viral on the internet. It’s just a strange woman and a man looking for her dog, but the game’s visuals and body camera perspective make it feel like a real clip you might stumble upon in a dark part of the web.

paranormal stories a new spooky game that has since been announced earlier this week half viral on twitter, thanks in large part to how terrifying and real it looks. You can check out the game’s official trailer below:

Horror Camera Committee / Paranormal Tales

As described on the developer’s Patreon page, paranormal stories (aka PTDeveloped by two friends inspired by games like …understand…). Alien Isolation, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and PT

Built on Unreal Engine 5, the game will consist of different chapters, each presented as “lost images” obtained by a group called the “Paranormal Tales Committee”. In each episode, players will replace the bodycam wearer and “experience” the action from their point of view, adding a sense of realism and voyeurism to the horror.

The developers say the game will definitely feature jump scares, anxiety, and maybe even spiders. According to the game’s official websiteeach episode will take place in different places and tell a variety of spooky stories like an anthology of terror.

No release date for paranormal stories, you can find the game on Steam and add it to your wishlist. The developers say it’s a “long-term” project and it looks like it will take some time for this game to be released and playable.

earlier than this month, another hitherto unknown first-person shooter bodycam game has gone viral on Twitter. Could bodycam games be the next big genre for horror and action? We’ll see…

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