An operator uses $200,000 night vision goggles to understand the MW2's user interface.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it’s a game about ostensibly hitting people in the face. But like many other modern games, it’s also about playing dress up and navigating an endless sea of ​​unlocks and cashable cosmetics. While the footage has been good, the in-between menu flow has caused some players to rage and wish Infinity Ward would stick with the 2019s set. modern warfare franchise reboot.

With the game officially released today on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, many gamers are getting it running for the first time and saying “what the hell” as they are bombarded with menus, icons and widgets that are both overwhelming and confusing. The general weather is a new streaming service or mobile app where you are constantly sold through ads as different pieces of content scream over each other for your attention. No different from the overhaul coming to the Xbox home screen looks like a giant Game Pass billboard.

One of the biggest culprits is the horizontal alignment of tiles for everything from gun barrels to camouflage texture. Instead of scrolling up and down as PC gamers and their console counterparts have done for years, the options now go from left to right. For example, instead of being able to delve deep into certain camouflage categories, players have to navigate a single giant warehouse. God help you if you want Frattura, the last person on the list. “Why did they hire someone from Hulu to design the entire UI?” Written by a player on modern warfare subdirectory.

A screenshot shows embedded MW2 features in its main menu.

The main menu screen is also a source of frustration. Instead of separating the campaign, multiplayer, co-ops and other modes, everything is put together. Some icons are too big, while other options like changing Quick Play settings are too small. And then there’s the back button in the menu interface that you thought would take you a step back, but instead cancel it out entirely.

The problems range from unintuitive to inefficient, and many gamers want it to be less flashy, but simpler to navigate the UI. 2019s modern warfare. “Horizontal tiles are bad enough for a streaming platform, but absolutely ridiculous for a game like CoD,” one gamer wrote. “They can just use the old UI. MW19 and it would be a lot less work than this shit.”

Design revisions are always controversial, but gamers has been to complain about the user interface MW2 I’m going back to the multiplayer beta a month ago. Tiles, icon sizes, and placement are the main culprits, with players accusing the game of emulating a more mobile-friendly layout. But the broader issue is the overall complexity of achieving the simple pleasures that people come to. Call of Duty For: customizing weapons and increasing kill streaks.

Infinity Ward has accepted UI feedback during the first phase of the multiplayer beta. “We’ve seen feedback on the difficulty of editing perk packs, managing gear and accessing the arsenal,” he said. Wrote…

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