A Call of Duty soldier is apparently preparing to jump out of a cargo door.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 It drops on October 28, but if you pre-ordered, you’ve probably bought some time for the promotion. However, before the full release of the game, which will give people full access to the multiplayer component, some condemn the game’s skill-based matchmaking (SBMM).

Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward’s latest entry Call of Duty franchise The 2009 reboot of the eponymous title and the direct sequel to the 2019 reboot modern warfare, this new shooter sees you hunt various high-profile military operations by shooting them in the face to prevent global catastrophe. it’s a solid game some impressive images He my box Staff writer Claire Jackson said she got pretty sluggish after a boring start. Although some problematic elements In the game’s campaign, that’s not what angered the community. No, the multiplayer component, which is not yet equal.

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Popular streamer Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar apparently center of speech around Modern Warfare 2 and skill-based matchmaking. In a video dated October 23, he said he would “be here” when the game fully launches this weekend, but will only stream the game “for a day”. He will still take it down for camouflage, but he has announced he won’t be able to stream Modern Warfare 2. Reason? Skill-based matchmaking apparently spoils the enjoyment of the multiplayer experience because it plays against highly skilled players who support it and doesn’t have fun with the built-in “meta” and “good weapons” people regularly use. His solution? Create two separate playlists: Quick Play and Ranked that are not based on SBMM.

“If SBMM wasn’t a thing, I would stream multiplayer,” he said. “SBMM – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, man – I dare kill video games.”


That’s exactly what skill-based matchmaking sounds like. This is a feature often used in multiplayer games that matches you with other players based on your skill level. You leveled up just 10 months after a game was launched but still want to check out the multiplayer component? No problem. SBMM should—high emphasis on “should” here—match you with other people who are also level 10. Getting better at the game and leveling up in a quick clip? SBMM of the game should—again, with a heavy emphasis on the word “must”—recognize this progress and position you with others who are equally improving their skills. It doesn’t always turn out that way, but that’s the general idea behind the methodology.

However, much like TimTheTatman, online folks aren’t too happy with this feature being implemented in competitive gaming – and they haven’t been for a minute. A Quick look at Twitter pulls up multiple people crying skill-based matchmaking. Some brought up how competitive shooters were during the day, as halo 2apparently…

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