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Many of us are going through an inflationary crisis that hasn’t been seen for decades, meaning the prices of almost everything from clothing to electricity to food have skyrocketed in the last 12 months. Video games are no exception.

we have already seen Unprecedented moves like the PlayStation 5, whose price went up two years after its release, and Microsoft is now warning customers that we can expect similar increases across their platforms and services. We just don’t know which ones yet.

as reported by of the Verge Tom WarrenSpeaking at the Wall Street Journal conference earlier this week, Spencer said, “I think at some point we should raise prices, but we thought it was important to maintain prices as we went into this holiday.”

“We kept prices on our console, we kept prices on games… and our subscription, added. “I don’t think we can do this forever. I think at some point we’ll have to raise the price of some things…”

That’s such a daring thing to say! He could tell that only one or two of those things would see price spikes and let us guess which ones. A rise in the price of Microsoft’s own games seems inevitable, as many competing publishers are already implementing such hikes, and raising the price of Game Pass subscriptions should definitely be on the cards.

Xbox consoles though, that’s another story. The PS5 boost was a big story because consoles had never been priced higher since their release; We got used to it getting cheaper over time, not more expensive. Yet we do not live in normal times; The inflationary crisis has root causes, and they lie in everything from labor problems (in modern times) to unprecedented component shortages. corporate profiteeringthings we didn’t take into account (or at least to this extent) when looking at console prices.

So who knows, he might mean everything It will be more expensive next year. Fantastic!

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