Twitch streamer and YouTuber BynxPlays became the first company to set the world record for points in Marvel Snap using their Leader card.

Screenshot: YouTube / Bynx_Plays / Kotaku

Marvel Sticky players everywhere are sharing their endgame match results in dazzling numbers. But no matter what your scorecard says in the end, I bet it’s a breeze compared to what I’m going to show you. Ladies and gentlemen, a boundary how high are you Marvel Sticky points can go. And one man has already made this particular claim. Marvel Sticky glory.

Now, none of this is new because Marvel Sticky technically it’s been in beta for a while. But most of us are jumping first with the wide release, which explains why such a wild video in the hottest game of the moment is as of this writing., only 10,000 views. That’s a huge injustice given what Twitch streamer and YouTuber Bynx_Plays has accomplished.

In a video uploaded in June, Bynx details the strategy: includes Marvel Sticky card called leader. It has 6 energies and 4 powers, but the most important thing is the green alien’s ability. When revealed, the Leader will copy all the cards played by your opponent but on your side. Are the wheels in your head spinning?

I Broke a World Record at Marvel SNAP! – Leader – Featured Card – Marvel SNAP

The video goes on to show the various matches where Bynx has run the card for all it’s worth. For example, in the first match, he uses a Psylocke to gain extra energy to make sure the Leader doesn’t have to be in the last round. When the leader plays, he copies the enemy’s Demon Dinosaur, a card that becomes stronger depending on how many cards you have in your hand. In the next round, he takes Odin, which allows him to redo everything! This particular match ends with a modest score, but trust me when I say the odds are absolutely wild.

Given how random it is, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to recreate the exact conditions for this to happen consistently. Marvel Sticky The world record for most points is 2,147,483,647. Bynx says during the video that he “doesn’t think it could break because somewhere is the maximum integer allowed.” The YouTube description shows that this is not a random number:

2^31 – 1 is the eighth Mersenne base and is a common boundary in video games. A record that can only be tied, never broken 🙂

To score the incredible score, he had a zone from the start of the match that had reduced card costs. Critical to attract the leader early. Another important thing here was to have a region that doubled the lingering effects, as well as a region that doubled all the spawns: a recipe for exponential shenanigans. As soon as the second zone spawns, it drops the Leader, as this means that whatever the enemy takes down, it will take down twice. And if these are Do the cards have emerging or lasting effects? You see where this is going, right?

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Bynx’s poor opponent certainly didn’t, because they exploded in the middle of the match. Ah. Turns out they played…

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