Galactus appears in a Marvel Snap trailer.

Screenshot: Second Supper / Kotaku

If you’ve ever spent any time playing the new game hit mobile card game Marvel Sticky, you’ve probably wondered if the person on the other side of the virtual board is human. And you are not alone. The game doesn’t make this clear when you’re playing against a real person, and as a result, players are now paranoid that most of their opponents are actually bots and also cheating.

Earlier this week I convinced a friend to buy Marvel’s new hot and boots were the first thing on his mind. How did he go to 15 games without a single defeat? Until the answer reaches the 10th rank, Marvel Sticky It seems to specifically pair you up against AI-controlled opponents that can precisely move you up the learning curve of the game. But even after that, the game seems to weigh on bots up to rank 30, especially if they can’t face a human with similar skills in a reasonable amount of time.

Subreddit of the game full of people try to shut up Whether the Spidey or Nick Fury avatar on the other side is controlled by a live human. Someone said “I’ve played over 100 games and seriously won all but 2” complained yesterday. “I can’t help but feel like I’m facing bots when I think about how they play and what their basic name is.” There are dozens of other articles like this.

A screenshot shows the Hulk being played on Marvel Snap.

Hulk crushed the boots!!!
Screenshot: Second Supper / Kotaku

Some players think having a traditional superhero name like Bruce Banner is a dead giveaway. Others are convinced that these are actually just real-life nerds who pick arms early on, and that real robots are people disguised with unusual names and unusual spellings. “Some are stupidly spelled like ‘braedyyn’ (exaggeration)” Wrote someone who has been playing since beta. “I think superhero names are real people who start early with unique, themed puns/names.”

Players to further explore the metaphysical character of their opponents frequent expressions trying to elicit an apparently spontaneous reaction. or they will interrogate unusual movements for possible bot-hood symptoms. Some players think the bots are making obvious blunders, and that seems to be true in the lower ranks. However, as you climb the ladder, the bots get so good that few players are convinced. they are clearly cheating.

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Experienced players for months blames the boots Instantly react to your moves, either countering right lane plays at the right time, or completely bypassing turns to avoid triggering traps from human opponents. An actor made their case a month agoDetailing how a bot played Apocalypse in Death’s Domain in exactly the same order, the Armor appeared there and prevented him from dying.

“You have to know how to play against them and assume they’re going to stand up to you.” Wrote One player more recently in response to an “Omniscient Bot” meme. “Cards…

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