We Q (3.5 years old) and Yelref (mother and educator) together form the “Kids Games Test Team”.

Over the past few months, we’ve put the MagiCube Magnetic Building Blocks in the footsteps of GEOMAG. Tried in different places and different moods and we are totally satisfied.

To the stones:

At first glance, the sets make a solid and inviting impression.

The stones are large enough to be easily and safely held by small children’s hands. The magnetic force is enough to hold them together, but not so strong that children need constant help to separate them. The colors of the building blocks are attractive without being offensive; this is an advantage over many other children’s toys, which are often very colorful.

Because of the different shapes in the sets and the axles often associated with the wheels, the desire to build has no limits.

We made the stones at home, took them out to the garden, and took them on vacation. The nice thing about the sets is that the stones can be packed tightly and take up very little space. You still have something to do for hours”

Q continued to put the bricks back together and only lately discovered that there are building instructions you can use for new inspiration. Then it was not only freely built, but also its construction proposals were tested.

Stones are solid and therefore can be used when in a good mood, but also in a bad mood. Even small children’s outbursts of anger can’t hurt them. If the stones fly through the room, they do not break immediately, and the stones in the apartment do not break immediately, since the stones are made of light plastic. A clear plus from my mom’s point of view!

We have already spent hours putting the stones together in new ways according to our imagination, and we will definitely be able to spend more hours with it. There is no limit to creativity here.


Stones are great because you can build amazing wind turbines with them.


As a mom, I think production sets are great. They take up very little space in the nursery or when traveling. They’re sturdy, made from recycled plastic, non-toxic, and large enough not to disappear completely in a child’s mouth. The colors of the building blocks appeal to children and parents without being too noisy. Q, alone or with me, has been working with bricks for a long time and continues to explore new construction possibilities. And the stones are easy and quick to wash.

As a teacher, I also think the building set is great, it develops children’s creativity and therefore their cognitive abilities. Children develop fine motor skills, learn colors and let their imaginations run free.

MagiCube sets are designated for the age group 1-5 and I think it’s pretty…

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