Sometimes you discover escape games in unexpected places. I have Escape Room: Sweet Shop Discovered on Action at an unbeatable price. Does being unbeatably cheap also mean the quality isn’t right? Let’s find out.

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Let’s guess the result. The German name on the box is seriously Flug Spiel, and indeed such a sloppy translation should have made me suspicious. But it didn’t, and I finally got what was expected for less than four euros. An escape game experience that is pretty low on the escape game spectrum.

The material alone shows that significant savings have been made here. A folding plan on thin paper, an envelope with a solution, three envelopes with code, a gold ticket, a special sheet and a brush, and a poorly translated manual. It doesn’t sound very good at first, considering that an Unlock or Deckscape game consists only of cards, and EXIT games also make most of the puzzles out of paper. The biggest difference is that with the agents mentioned, the map quality is much higher and you don’t have the feeling of holding a newly minted plan in your hand.

Puzzles devoid of creativity

In addition to materials, puzzles are of course very important for this type of game. Thin paper is justifiable, but weak puzzles ruin the fun of the game. Escape Room: Sweet Shop at least manages to make the puzzles understandable and solvable. At least you don’t give up on the puzzle design here, so the game can get plus points in this respect. However, puzzles lack a certain creativity. You really don’t have to be around the corner, and most of the puzzles are taken one-on-one from well-known puzzle books. At least the brush puzzle brings at least one good idea, so the puzzles aren’t a complete failure.

Very simple?

How hard or how easy an escape game is always depends on how much experience players have with the genre. Escape Room: Sweet Shop In any case, it’s more geared towards newbies to the genre. The 45 minutes of gameplay the box states is really only necessary if you’re new to escaping games. An experienced group will get through this much faster, not only because puzzles are solved quickly with experience, but also because there aren’t many puzzles to solve. Our group finished the game in less than 20 minutes.

scary for beginners

As simple as puzzles, I highly recommend them Escape Room: Sweet Shop As one of the first escape games to play. The design is very poor and fails to reflect the magic of such games. EXIT – The Game lets you enter the game through optics only…

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