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Rieko Kodama, one of the most important developers in the history of both Sega and the wider role-playing genre, has died at the age of 59.

Aspect IGN statement, originally passed away in May, but his death was not made public by the company at the time. Fans recently discovered a tribute to Kodama in the credits episode of Mega Drive Mini 2, but it prompted Sega producer Yosuke Oskunari to confirm the sad news.

His contributions to Sega’s catalog of classic titles and TV shows were enormous. Beginning with the company in 1984, he would work on everything from design to pixel art and spent his early career in series like the following. Alex Kidd and Fantasy Zone.

He was the lead artist of the original at the time. fantasy starand its sequels, he would continue to work on the series and rise to the role of director in the fourth game.

Other notable works include the Dreamcast classic. Heavens of ArcadiaWhile leading its development again, he also contributed to the games as an artist like the first two. sonic titles and transformed monster.

Still, Kodama may be remembered for her pioneering work as a leading woman in game development, and for her work she has been called the “First Lady of RPGs” (and indeed was awarded the Pioneer Award at GDC 2018) and has left a legacy behind. legacy of characters and games designed for everyonenot just traditionally male audiences.

“I don’t usually think of making games for female audiences only, but I think my RPGs attract a wider female audience”, he once said in an interview. “Violent, war-themed games seem to attract overwhelmingly male audiences. I think companies should keep that in mind if they want to outsource their game to more girls.

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