game magazine Fair play today is this year’s winner A la Carte Card Game Award announced. 2018 vintage winner is strategic card game great plaid and Katja Stremmel’s first work from home CHEER-LEADER. With this award, the expert jury awards the best card game of the year every year.

During the international game days in Essen, SPIEL’18, A la Carte Card Game Awards. Player magazine has been lending since 1991 Fair play price a la carte For “Best Card Game”. At the stand of the established trade magazine Fair play Game designer Katja Stremmel and those in charge of the publishing house AMIGO were delighted to receive the award. Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang Friebe personally presented the award to the publisher and author.

Uwe Mölter, who played an important role in the development of the game as responsible editor, was honored and pleasantly surprised: “We didn’t expect that at all, but of course we’re very happy with the award. It’s a good feeling that so many people realize how much depth there is in this little box.” The award is also noteworthy because this honor is given to a first work. great plaid compatible with now It takes 6! and bohnanzawho is the publisher CHEER-LEADER have become classics.

How to play Krass Kariert:

Each player takes three life chips and places two face-up spare cards in front of them. He cannot change the order of the cards in his hand. A combination of up to three cards can be played per turn; they should be side by side. In addition to being able to play single cards, doubles, triples and straight cards can be played with two or three cards. The following players must beat the combination. For example, a twin can be beaten by a higher twin or by three people of the same type. If you can’t or don’t want to play your card, you must take one of your spare cards instead – if you can’t, the player must give up a chip and finish the current round. The game ends when a player loses a chip but has none left.

Krass Kariert: For 3-5 players, ages 10+. Game time approximately 30 minutes, RRP: 7.99 EUR

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