Chipp Zanuff stands balanced and ready to kick some ass in Guilty Gear Strive, with President Joe Biden's head resting on the torso.

Wow, this President!
picture: Arc System Works / Kotaku / Chip Somodevilla (Getty)

If you follow the fighting game community, you may have noticed something strange going on recently. Guilty Gear tournaments. A US player named Joe Biden is sweeping the competition by entering the top 10 in the last 20 tournaments he has participated in. But… wait a minute, Joe Biden? Yes, Joe Biden. While the name might have made people believe he could be the current President of the United States, longtime community members know the real story.

I collapsed when I saw the official account’s tweets Dark Brandon Tagged in tournament wins of 2012 Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus RAn updated and overhauled version of Arc System Works’ 2002 2D fighting game. I mean, @POTUS Twitter Mentioned in these tournamentsIt turns everyone’s head. Talk about double shooting. Me and the other reporters, Washington Post writer and former my box employee Nathan Grayson, continued the hunt and tried to answer the most important questions that shook the community: Who is actor Joe Biden? And why is the ninja Chipp feeding Zanuff?

“I’ve been playing fighting games intermittently for at least 10 years,” said Joe Biden, who wanted to keep his identity private as part of a long-running prank within the fighting game community. my box via Discord. “I went through many different gamertags growing up. I ended up sticking with ‘Joe Biden’ because it just felt right to me that Chipp Zanuff and Joe Biden were both presidents, had white hair and were easily hurt.”

my box He reviewed email exchanges between the non-president Biden and the tournament organizers and confirmed it was his. most Joe Biden is currently clearing the competition. This was further confirmed by two others my box spoke to those who had faced him in recent tournaments.

Although this mysterious player has been playing fighting games for over a decade, he has just stepped into the competitive world. According to Microsoft-owned fighting game community (FGC) player and data tracker, formerly known as, Joe Biden Enter the competitive scene in November 2021He finished 13th in an 88-man bracket pool. He’s continued to do pretty well for himself since then, regularly breaking into the top 10 in most places. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Biden is quick to point out that he “did not dominate or win all tournaments,” but he sees himself on the same playing field as the top U.S. Faust player and founder of the annual Frosty Faustings tournamentMike “ElvenShadow” Boczar.

So what makes Joe Biden so deadly? Well, he’s the main ninja master and Head of the Eastern Chipp Kingdom, chip Zanuff. As expected of being a ninja, Chipp is incredibly fast and unpredictable. He has excellent confusion potential, can easily open his opponent for massive damage, and has the ability to run…

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