There are no images from the Witcher remake yet.  Geralt drawing here is old, background is Quixel

There are no images from the Witcher remake yet. The Geralt drawing here is old, background is from Quixel’s Youtube video “Walkthrough: Medieval Game Environment in UE4”.

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Despite all the love for the witcher in general, and the first The Witcher in particular – the beginning of the series, which was released in 2007, is now as presentable as a VHS tape from the Modern Talking performance: younger audiences have a hard time conveying what it should be so good at.

But now CD Projekt has announced a remake of Dieter Bohlen’s new edition, The Witcher, sorry, Geralt von Riva in Unreal Engine 5! We got our podcast founding team of Micha, Dimi and Maurice together to discuss our expectations for this remake – we recorded the talk live on Maurice’s Twitch channel.

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In fact, the new version announced now isn’t the first Witcher version – it’s (hopefully) just the first to appear. As early as 2008, CD Projekt announced The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, a remastered and console-ready new edition of The Witcher – but the financial crisis and discussions with French contract developer Widescreen Games intervened and the project was stalled. .

However, Micha speculates that some of the approach could be inherited – when it comes to console compatibility alone, the mouse-click combat system of the first The Witcher is hard to convey today, and also hard to implement with a gamepad.

For Dimi, story and atmosphere should be at the forefront – for him, the first The Witcher remains the series leader in both categories. Also important is the question of how open the game world will be: The fact that The Witcher has separate locations rather than an uninterrupted open world has been very beneficial to the narrative density.

And of course the most important question: Will NPCs take shelter again when it rains?

In his column, Tillmann also analyzes what the Witcher remake should inherit:

The Witcher remake must first inherit a strength of the original.


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The Witcher remake must first inherit a strength of the original.

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