Several sources predict a larger iPad next year.
Several sources predict a larger iPad next year.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the S8 Ultra, a tablet that measures a full 14.6 inches diagonally. According to a report by The Information, Apple wants to top it off next year with an iPad with an impressive 16-inch display.

According to Wayne Ma of The Information, the tablet is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. However, it doesn’t specify where this giant iPad will fit into the already confusing iPad lineup. Wayne Ma assumes that Apple should bring its tablet lineup even closer to the MacBook. A 16-inch size makes sense in this respect, as this screen size also represents Apple’s largest laptop.

Will we see Apple’s MacOS laptop operating system on iPads in the future?, in the stars for now. But tablets are at least technically almost on par with MacBooks.

In addition to the new M2 chip and Retina XDR display, the most expensive model, the 12.9-inch iPad, even has 16 GB of RAM (depending on the configuration). In addition to hardware, software features such as Stage Manager are also integrated into Pro iPads.

Only a 16 inch iPad can’t track

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is also said to have learned that Apple has begun developing larger iPads. Journalist reports this in his newsletter Open. But the Apple expert doesn’t assume we can look forward to the giant tablet next year. Mark Gurman also thinks it’s possible for Apple to shelve the idea again.

Knowledgeable in supply chains, CEO Ross Young Display Chain Supply Consultants (DSCC) is evaluating an already approved, slightly smaller 14.1-inch iPad Pro. He expects his release next spring.

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If both rumors are true, a 14.1- and 16-inch model will be added to the iPad lineup.

The price should be steep

iPad Pro is getting closer and closer to MacBooks.

iPad Pro is getting closer and closer to MacBooks.

Apple recently equipped the iPad Pro with the M2 chip, and its performance is closer to MacBooks than ever before. However, the new tablet models stand out not only in terms of computing power, but also in terms of price. The cheapest version of the 12.9-inch M2 model costs 1,449 euros.

With these enormous sums, how much can you imagine a possible 16 inch branch. M3-Chip (if the chip series is continued in this way) will cost. Samsung’s giant tablet S8 Ultra starts at € 1,149.

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