Pathway launches April 11 on Steam and GOG, now publisher Chucklefisch has released the launch trailer. It shows you the basics of the story and gameplay of the game. pixelated adventure strategy game. Pathway is not a true indie game, as it is a publisher of German developer Robotality, it’s more like an indie game!

Because: fans of the ancients Indiana-Jones-Title LucasArts will feel comfortably transported to the long past days when desert sand still had square grains. And Indiana Jones’ nickname is Indy, so we couldn’t help cracking that stupid joke.

Hard to miss, Pathway wants to follow in the footsteps of the adventurous archaeologist. You command a team of explorersUncover buried treasure in a procedurally generated 1930s desert.

Where Indy serves as a source of ideas, the Nazis can’t be far away: You overhear the soldiers doing it, just like a powerful ancient weapon speak (did someone say Ark of the Covenant?). Now it’s up to your brave troops to find the artifact before the regime’s henchmen find it.

You hunt for various treasures in randomly generated levels, fight enemies in turn-based battles, develop your characters and uncover over 400 different story events.

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