Bayonetta puts her finger on her glasses as she looks at Taylor's recent tweets.

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old voice bayonet gone from bad pay call for games industry talent for plugging the controversial anti-abortion group Billboards 4Life. it all started with him boycott bayonet 3, After misleading fans about his removal from the project. It now urges them to take the money they would have spent on the Switch game release and instead give it to charities, including Kentucky-based nonprofits whose sole mission is to “cover cities and towns” with giant signs aimed at blaming criminals. and embarrassing parents-to-be.

“My posts made people angry” tweeted out. “Low pay resonates in the wider world, not just in the gaming industry, but around the planet. There are many small local charities that need your help to donate your boycott money.” While citing traditional philanthropic causes, such as donating to food banks and organizations helping the homeless, Taylor also supported 14 organizations to which she has contributed directly in the past.

These include the student pizza fund for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and several pet welfare groups, as well as artistic re-enactments of praying fetuses in roadside propaganda and “I could dream before I was born!” There was Billboards 4Life with quotes like Taylor was immediately proportioned.

“Your posts made people angry because you deliberately misrepresented the whole situation,” one person said. “This and one of those charities is anti-abortion,” another replied. “My bingo page didn’t have ‘Bayonetta’s original voiceover is a bit of a mess’ this year, but here we are.”

A screenshot from Billboards 4Life's Twitter page shows a sample anti-abortion billboard.

Old bayonet became a voice actor mini internet hero earlier this month When she revealed that she was no longer working on the drama due to “insult”, she was offered to continue playing the famous star. In several videos that went viral, he urged fans to boycott developer Platinum Games for only offering him a flat fee of $4,000. Got caught in the crossfire Jennifer Haleshe was later harassed for taking Taylor’s place.

But Bloomberg later reported Taylor was actually offered closer to $4,000 per session and the total payout for the project was closer to $15,000. Negotiations with Platinum reportedly broke down only after it refused to compromise on higher salaries and any leftovers from future sales. While Taylor declined to charge a six-figure amount for the project, she eventually confirmed that the $4,000 number referenced in the original videos was for a brief cameo after being replaced by Hale, rather than voicing the entire project as herself. ‘ initially led fans to believe.

Even before Billboards 4Life debuted today, Taylor was scrutinized by some of her fans for who she followed on Twitter and what tweets she liked. Regardless of Taylor’s beliefs and behaviors, it’s true that the low wage story in games and beyond resonates with people. Not only the sound talent, but also the developers…

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