Squishmallows sit menacingly on the GameStop shelf.

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Aspect my box As reported last week, retail giant GameStop is increasingly stocking retail stores with weird, random junk instead of video games. Dissatisfied GameStop employees grumble online about the large number of toys the warehouses are shipping. And as it turns out, customers aren’t even buying them.

By an r/GameStop thread discussing the phenomenon, one of the biggest culprits are “Squishmallows,” animal-shaped pillows that double as kids’ plush toys. Saying they work at one of the slowest stores in their city, the original poster wrote, “Now there are 25 of the same squish not selling.” “We have one of the same losers who haven’t sold in months. Someone please ask if the warehouse workers are okay.” After posting the thread yesterday, the employee’s Squishmallow count rose to 43. Some responses from other workers claimed that their location worked well with Squishmallows, but other reviewers said they struggled with how much shelf space they were consuming.

However, it wasn’t just GameStop’s weird obsession with Squishmallows that caused staff headaches. Even if a customer bought a toy, the warehouse would send more to that store.

“A random kid bought a backpack clip. Jurassic World and now [the] the warehouse thinks I’m the main place to get everything Jurassic World related,” one employee complained. “We don’t sell at all and we continue to receive distributions for it.” Another frustrated staff member received 66 Sonic the Hedgehog backpack clips after a man bought five last week.

“We get what are called blind bags on almost every shipment,” one employee said. my box. “At one point we allocated them four different locations in the store. And our back room was completely filled with them. Outside of video games, these are probably the most common items in the store.”

The store in question was able to sell these real GameStop warehouse loot boxes by clarification, but stores still get a lot of blind bags based on the space they actually have to display merchandise. According to another employee who spoke my boxoverstock is the main reason their stores are constantly running clearance sales: Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get away with all their Power Rangers toys, DC and Marvel Legends action figures, and plushies.

Sometimes GameStop even gets unwanted video games. this funniest reported in the original Reddit thread is is Fall of Babylona game that performs so poorly that Square Enix plans to shut down its servers even a year before it came out. Some GameStop locations to give Fall of Babylon free away. Apparently, this distributor managed to miss the note.

a customer Featured on Reddit To express confusion as to why GameStop’s retail stores are full of unsalable toys. Looks like the answer has come, they are helping…

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