A pink gorilla plush sits above a screen displaying retro games.

Photograph: Pink Gorilla Games

This Monday, a gunman robbed a popular video game store in Seattle, Washington. No one was hurt, although the store owner worried that the thief might return. It’s still free right now.

Pink Gorilla Games The oldest video game store in the Seattle area. It sells both modern and retro video games in addition to trading cards and toys. Before this is the latest robbery (reported by local Seattle Fox affiliate), the store had Previously It was robbed last July, resulting in a total loss of $14,000 in property and damage.

On Monday, while an employee named Jordan Carson was working at the cash register, a man approached the cash register with some merchandise. Although things seemed normal at first, the man eventually revealed that he had a gun, making it clear to Carson that the store had been robbed. “It was so comfortable, his hands were in his pockets the whole time, it was a subtle move, but it got the job done,” Carson told the local TV network. “I knew he had a gun.” He gave the man everything he wanted to protect himself and his colleague who was working at the time. The situation was reflected on the store’s security camera.

Apparently, the man who said something to Carson about doing this because his brother was in the hospital told the staff to empty their display cases of Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh cards. He wanted all the money in the safe and managed to come out with a game console. my box He reached out to Pink Gorilla Games to ask if they had a chance to recover their loss, but received no response at the time of publication.

Cody Spencer, owner of Pink Gorilla Games, says he’s seen the thief in the store before. Spencer was doing an after-hours live broadcast in the shop one night, and the man knocked on the door.

Carson is still worried that the man will return, as the police did not arrest him at the time of writing. “It pisses me off to take advantage of it,” Carson said. Fox News. “The price of having something people want and having it at a good price is unfortunately opening you up to thieves and people who will take advantage of it.”

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