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older readers and Kanye West fans (how many of you stayed) may remember this in 2013 a game called Kanye Quest 3030 exploded for a minute. Then, two years later, exploded again after a strange hidden area was discovered in the gameone is connected to ARGs and cults by all sorts of visible links.

If you’ve never seen the game, basically it was:

In 2013, a humble little (unofficial) JRPG, Kanye Quest made a splash on the internet, largely thanks to its new predecessor. Basically, on the way to take out the trash, the fictional Kanye somehow goes into the future through a wormhole. Yes really. In this future, Kanye, his clones, Tupac and Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre is drawn into a prophecy involving all manner of other rap figures – all of which Kanye can overcome through his turn-based rap battle.

Our second story wasn’t so innocentfor focusing on a hidden area Kanye Quest 3030 unlockable, and “Ascension, a cult that focuses on the idea that our consciousness can be uploaded to the Internet and live forever, long after our mortal bodies have decayed.

The secret area, which we called a “disturbing secret” at the time, was extremely bizarre, containing references that pierced the fourth wall and seemed to target players directly with messages from and about the cult.

What made it particularly notorious online was the layers of mystery and messages surrounding the game. No one knew who did it, no one knew when the secret stage was developed, and most importantly, no one knew what the cult stuff really meant. All sorts of conspiracy theories poured into this void, down to the fact that the game was an ARG. Jupiter Ascendant Developed by Kanye himself.

Years later, with these mysteries still unsolved—even after many prominent YouTube series have tried and failed—comedians and “pop culture detectives” Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos have determinedly tried to uncover the truth behind the game, its cult message. and who exactly did everything. They documented their journey in a six-part video series (as their assistants most Aunt Donna set) yet complete and giving its humor, twists and turns (which I won’t spoil here, but holy crap), I can’t recommend it enough:

Finding Yeezus – Game’s Biggest Mystery: Who made the Kanye Quest 3030? [Ep1]

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