After the press spent hours aboard Victoria 3, the ferry is now taking all the fans on board. Since its release on October 25, anyone can access Steam and be involved in the economic affairs of a country in the 19th century. But while the political and economic simulation has been praised almost enthusiastically by critics, Steam reviews paint a different picture.

A look at the Victoria 3 Steam page shows that the game can’t make it to the 80s here. True, in general stands up mostly positivehowever, only 72 percent of the 2,200 reviews to date have given positive ratings.

This means that Victoria 3 is far worse off for gamers than it has been in the eyes of critics.rated the game with an average score of 82. You can read about it in our rubric:

Many are exuberant, some even euphoric


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Many are exuberant, some even euphoric

That’s what the critics said on Steam

Before moving on to the specific points of criticism, one more important note: Of course, most users did not have much time to play Victoria 3 extensively. Therefore, many reviews should be treated with caution. Many have spent about five hours, but many have spent less than two – both actually too short for such a great strategy game.

If we take a closer look at negative reviews, there are always a few points of criticism:

  • The combat system is often criticized as players are deprived of direct control.
  • Many fans of Victoria 2 are disappointed with its successor and say that the game mechanics seem reduced.
  • Victoria 3 is also said to lack tangible gameplay and is all about watching the graphics and bars grow.

Logan from James Town writes in his review:

I was really shocked at how boring the game mechanics were. I spend all my time managing trade routes, waiting for a building to be built, and you can’t even lead armies in war. The fun gameplay elements of Victoria 2 have been replaced with monotonous ones.

User Silberkreuz writes after 12 hours of gameplay:

I am leaving.
The game is good but there is nothing to do. You are building buildings just to earn more money. War is boring and there is no room for skill. I know this can be applied to all Paradox games but this is just a spreadsheet. I really tried. It’s not fun at all.

Victoria 3 Gameplay: We start a new game and admire the world


Victoria 3 Gameplay: We start a new game and admire the world

That’s what the defenders are saying on Steam

What applies to critics also applies to fans. There are also many reviews here that were created in less than ten hours. Also, many positive reviews seem less verbose than the negative.

However, a few similarities can be identified:

  • Economic and…

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