Today I present to you the third case from the “Detective Stories” series. carries this title I still see. However, I haven’t opened the game yet, but just looking at the external values ​​shows that the series has been given a new look. Now you’re relying on solid black, while Case 1 and Case 2 still come in colored packaging. And to be honest: the game seems more valuable to me, and I think it’s good that the first two cases are available in this new look.


  • Name: Detective Stories: Fall 3 – Stillsee
  • Verlag: iDventure
  • Author: no
  • Chart: Alexander Krys
  • Player: 1-5 players
  • Age recommendation: since 13 years
  • Playing time (approx.): 90-120 minutes
  • My status: unplayed
  • review: no
  • Evaluation: no


Unfortunately, this cannot be explained, as my copy is still in cling film and the packaging does not contain a complete list of ingredients.

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