Today’s letter gives me an inner celebration of joy. The game Fortune and Glory – The Abyss Game Flying Frog Productions is one of my favorite games, if not personally.

And not to mention great mechanics, interlocking mechanisms, or an engaging story. Honestly, it’s an absolute Ameritrash, but the flair this game exudes is just too great!

This game involves living through a personified Indiana Jones movie. However, I must admit that I only play in the co-op version. Really amazing! Which of you doesn’t want to scour cities for suitable adventure gear, sometimes ambushed, where the scene culminates in a dramatic abyss, where the hero narrowly escapes death but is hunted by Nazi henchmen or a covert pursuit. medals and stealing the artifact they are looking for (Death Orb or Hades Statue, for example – artifacts are also randomly named with two cards to combine – awesome!) beat some minions under their noses and one at a time? Or get on a Nazi Airship and steal something from them? Or imposing a fake work on the Nazi who was already on the verge of victory?

these all come in Fortune and Glory.

I admit that there can be awkward situations, but I can laugh at this wholeheartedly, because for me, as an adventure movie fan and an avid board player, this game is almost pure poetry in absolute simplicity. It doesn’t matter if the game kicks your ass again, because I’m definitely going to make my next cliffhanger night epic again. And through glorious dice.

With that in mind, “Indy is a good name, the dog’s name was Indy!” I wish you a happy treasure hunt!

  • Title: Fortune and Glory – The Cliffhanger Game
  • Verlag: Flying Frog Productions
  • End of game: 1 – 8
  • Duration: 90 – 240 minutes
  • Age: from 12 years
  • Author: Jason C. Hill
  • Artwork: Jack Scott Hill

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