Released in March pegasus games two Shadowrun-Novel and two game comics, each forming the beginning of a new series. Successful role-playing serials with novels Shadow Run now expanded to include action-packed stories. And with new ones game comics readers can determine the course of the plot themselves. New volumes are being prepared for both series.

bleak future Shadow Run In March, the first two novels take place. Just In Case Kincaid tells the story of Kincaid, a former war mage and cop who comes from a ghetto filled with poverty and corruption and whom he still calls home. And although he himself has been through a lot in his life and is exhausted, he tries to protect the inhabitants of his homeland from violence and crime. Things take a turn for the worse when he gets his hands on encrypted data that others would kill for. The second novel, “A Simple Job,” puts another runner in trouble. What seems like an easy task at first turns into a disaster for Qatar Hawke. It’s one thing to banish a student from the excavation site, it’s another thing when cold-blooded killers suddenly show up to kill them both. It seems that the young student discovered more than good for him. Hawke not only has a team to choose from, he also has an important decision to make. Does he stick to his principles?

new game comics It’s a mix of games and comics. As the protagonists of the story, the readers decide how to proceed. They experience countless adventures and must solve challenging puzzles. Each volume tells a different story and presents new challenges to the reader. Two starts the row game comics about knights and Sherlock Holmes.

In Ritter, three brothers set out to replace the simple life of a farmer with the glorious life of a knight. But training is not as easy as you think. Exciting adventures and challenging puzzles await young warriors, but chivalry is the reward for all hard work. Relaxes with funny drawings game funny Not only does it make you laugh, it tells a fantastic story in which the reader is a hero in a very charming way.

Four cases must be in the second game funny Sherlock Holmes will be unraveled. Lots of clues and puzzles to be solved in the best detective style. The cases not only offer a variety of entertainment, but readers will be cast as master detective Sherlock Holmes or his faithful friend Dr. Watson who wants to have an adventure.

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