There is hardly a Kickstarter project that has made me as happy as I am in recent years. ether fields By Awaken Realms.

Awaken Realms had offered powerful games like Nemesis or the Imperfect Grail in previous years. ether fields again it is different. It’s… special!

ether fields It comes in the guise of a dungeon crawler, but calls itself the Dreamcrawler. And yes, it is! The game comes with completely bizarre scenarios depicting dreams or minor procrastinations. You can never be sure that a completely unexpected twist in the plot will happen suddenly. Yes, it can be frustrating when a dream you’ve been trying so hard for ends abruptly and unexpectedly. Without consequences, of course. The half was simply thrown off the plot. But when I look at the big picture, those small, moody moments are quickly forgotten. If the gambler (a character) causes another high-five moment as he rolls exactly the needed lucky number while rolling the dice and sweeping the monster off the board. Or when my free spirit once again fulfills its role and says, “Now I’m going to use this map to teleport to the area” (an area that it had no access to before, of course). It’s not uncommon for the question to come up: “Hey, can you do it like this?” And then usually: “The card says I can jump in there for xyz resources. Free spirit is allowed to manipulate the rules of the game. So yes, I’m pretty sure I can!”

These are the moments when I love this game and also my band. You don’t have to look for the rules too long, because that’s exactly what a free spirit is, a free spirit that breaks the rules.

There are other characters, such as the Dancer of Death or the Knight of Thorns. All of them have great features to explore.

I don’t want to reveal too much because the game is about being experienced. There are a lot of story elements that you definitely need to understand!

It’s an absolute highlight for me right now and continues to be, as I look forward to every new gaming session!

  • Title: Etherfields
  • Publisher: Awaken Realms
  • End of game: 1 – 4
  • Duration: Approximately 90 – 180 minutes per run with procrastination and dream
  • Age: from 12 years
  • Author: Michał Oracz
  • Artwork: Ewa Labak and Michał Salata

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