With Deckscape, ABACUSSPIELE has its own range of escape games on the market. In this series of games, for example, you can use Doctor Times to take a test in Deckscape: The Test, or in the version I have, you can enter a Venetian casino, so the title is in the little box. Deckscape: Heist in Venice shows off.

return from retirement

Players are coming out of retirement in this title from the Deckscape series. They were once master thieves, and now a mysterious client is forcing players to do something new and enter the oldest casino in Venice.

Puzzle cards and time pressure

As in a real escape room, you now have to solve various puzzles to successfully deliver the blow. Unlike the Noris “Escape Room” series, Deckscape, for example, does not tag, bend or otherwise destroy any game material. Instead, all puzzles are solved using the information written on the card. The first cards of the 60-card deck first explain the rules and also indicate that your pen, paper and clock should be ready. There’s also a hint card at the end that gives hints for solving puzzles, as well as a scoring card that you can write on but don’t have to. And then the first riddle is already in front of you, and the clock has begun. Together you look at the map and above all look for clues as to what kind of puzzle needs to be solved here. Then you look at the puzzle and when you think you have the solution, you turn the card over and see if it’s right. If the solution is correct everything is fine and you move on to the next card, if the solution is incorrect write an X on your scorecard and you will receive instructions on what to do next.

When solving puzzles, it may be necessary to make several decks of cards from one deck. If you get to such a point in Deckscape, you can work on the puzzles of the individual decks in parallel. Theoretically, the playgroup could split at this point and think of several puzzles at once, which in the best case is reflected in a shorter completion time for the entire game.

last card

The game ends when the last card is reached and solved. Now there is another rating where you can evaluate your own performance and then see how your friends are doing.

without tampering

Like the deck escape games I’ve played before, I like it too Deckscape: Heist in Venice fun. All puzzles were always logically structured, and there weren’t actually any puzzles in this edition that would make you wonder what the designers were thinking.

But despite me Deckscape: Heist in Venice Have fun, like other games in the series, I miss something I love about real escape rooms and other publishers’ apps. I miss…

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