The game is over, the hallowed halls of our board game community have closed again for a year, and I’m sitting here reminiscing and enjoying what I’ve been through.

But let’s go chronologically:

On Wednesday, I looked longingly at my colleagues’ reports from the press conference and innovation program as I was not allowed to attend. I was even happier when I saw my favorite “Hey Yo!” from Oink Games won the innoSPIEL race. I think it’s a worthy winner for the title, because hardly any game gives me music vibes as fast as this little nightcap/opener. An ingenious gaming invention!

So my anticipation extended from Thursday to Saturday until the next trade fair days. I had blocked Sunday as a priority for the family as my daughter was celebrating her sixth birthday.

He woke up on Thursday, and this blissful feeling spread, catching us gamers on their way to possibly the world’s biggest and most important event for analogue gamers. Admittedly, the road from Wattenscheid to Essen is not the one that will blow you away with tension, because I can drive to the exhibition center in 16 minutes. But getting into the P6 was a new experience. As press and trade visitors, we prepared ourselves this year and made advance appointments to talk to publishers about their current portfolios and upcoming projects. So I was allowed to go to the (albeit paid) multi-storey car park directly below Hall 3 and a feeling of “hey, it will be different again this year” spread. I knew going to the fair really took work. However, I was looking forward to this new experience like a little kid.

At 9:45 p.m. on Thursday, the time had come, and I was allowed into the hallowed halls a few minutes before the “regular” guests. So I armed myself with a selfie stick and smartphone and positioned myself to catch the onslaught of the crowd for eager viewers of the Dice Brothers on YouTube. How can I say, it happened in a hurry, but very different from what was expected. Its halls were flooded, but it was done so civilly and decently, without running, without scuffling, without scuffle that one would have thought you were in the famous England (and it’s not entirely wrong, images of the homage of the recently deceased Queen) that the locals had three if needed. Said they would still be in line days later.

With about 45 minutes until our first broadcaster meeting, I first went to Titan Forge in Hall 1 to see if they were actually there. Lobotomy 2 – Manhunt I can pick it up at the trade fair there with me and as a supporter. I still have Becki’s lyrics from “Die Niche” (hello to you)…

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