Frictional force It is a fast-paced bidding, betting and racing game for the whole family.

Frictional force In my opinion, it’s particularly impressive because of the catchy rules, and also offers enough depth so that even gamers who play often at the family table won’t get bored.

First, in several bidding stages, it is determined who will bid on which race car for the race team. At the same time, the corresponding skill cards auctioned are not unimportant. Costs used at this stage are also “mortgaged” in your team account and must be recovered first. So if you bid little, you have to take the remainder (no one can go empty-handed), but you can start with a small minus advantage.

At the beginning of the game and at two other critical points along the route, bets must be placed on which cars will win the race.

Map-based, your own racers and other racers are then moved along the route. Of course, you can block other players with racing cars by making skillful maneuvers.

In the final ranking, the top 3 finishers will receive victory bonuses and bets will also be settled according to ranks 1 – 3. Whoever collects the most money wins the game.

Frictional force It is played very quickly and always ends on the table. It’s also something for younger kids, as you can optionally skip the bidding and betting stages and have a classic race.

He succinctly explained, he gambled on a pleasant time – worth a little competition every now and then!

  • Name: Downforce
  • Publisher: IELLO
  • Authors: Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson and Wolfgang Kramer
  • Artwork: Tavis Coburn, Michael Crampton and Jason Taylor
  • End of game: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Age: from 8 years

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