Burger King's Call of Duty costume and food.

Screenshot: Activision / Burger King / Kotaku

Owner of Burger King Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II operator skin, a man with a nice mustache and Burger Town teeIt’s selling on eBay for about half the full game’s $69.99 selling price.

I will repeat this for your benefit. Burger King’s home Whopperpartnered with Modern Warfare II and a special treasure of hot oil Call of Duty skin. A man with a nice mustache and shirt calling it Burger Town. Cod On it is the franchise’s burger shop and easter egg. The man, let’s call him Bobby, is listed on eBay for around $30.

That’s not what Burger King is for. As part of the fast food empire, you have to buy the skin that comes with an hour of double XP. Modern Warfare II eat or Modern Warfare II Baconator Meal from Hungry Jack’s if you’re in Australia.

But since the promotion is only available in 39 countries excluding the US and UK, some people are craving burger man and will do anything to get it. Elsewhere, places like Mexico and Saudi Arabia will allow customers to eat french fries from them. inside Modern Warfare II Palace, Cod-themed Burger Kings. And on October 29 and 30 in Paris, customers will even be able to play the game at an ordering kiosk. advertising week reports. maybe they do Apocalypse next.

But I pass out in dreaming. People can only think of mustache right now. Too full. Ebay history, resold skins up to $39.99, although most sales are between $20 and $35, they’re all much cheaper than a plane ticket. The Burger King skin looks limited and isn’t actually region locked, so if you spend nine point five Whoppers for a deportation Call of Duty skin, at least you will be able to use it.

action Snowstorm, Call of Duty‘s publisher dictates its current marketing strategy, before video games, by chief marketing officer Fernando Machado. Managed several ad campaigns for Burger King As the CMO of Restaurant Brands International. i will start playing Call of Duty Let you know the backwards dialogue and whether these are also Burger King ads.

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