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28.09.2022 // spooky fun for Halloween

Only four weeks until Halloween, the scariest night of the year. Ghosts, witches, monsters and other shadowy figures roam the streets and spread terror. You can use them if you want to keep “haunting” the game table after the “Trick or Trick” round. cheerleading games Bring a more spooky mood.

Evil creatures are chasing mischief on Lord Somerset’s estate. monster defense Damned But it is difficult because protective objects must be found first. You have to coordinate well, because even the rescuing seals are not enough for the whole night …

in the card game ghosts Players try to avoid exceeding fear level 7 in the discard pile. If you do this anyway, you’ll collect fear points. You can trick both ghosts and other players with cards of the same color or fog cards.

at the bottom ZauberbergThe magician Balduin lives. With the help of his will, he summons the apprentices of the sorcerer to him. These show prospective sorcerers the way to the valley. But evil witches also track down the will and a race begins. Will the sorcerer’s apprentices be able to make their way through “murmuring” wills that show the apprentices only the way to Balduin, not the witches?

The castle invites you to a big party. Guests happily scroll through the gallery – but suddenly it appears HUGO – Castle ghost! Guests try to hide in immediately adjacent rooms. If you don’t make it in time, you’ll fall into the spooky basement stairs and collect bad spooky points.

29.09.2022 // SPIEL’22: Trefl celebrates its international premiere with twelve new games

Polish board game and puzzle manufacturer Club SPIEL’22 presents twelve innovations. Below are three key points “Lord of the Bones”, “Book of Dragons” and “Mysterious Underworld / Mysterious Dungeons”.

To date, the offer included Club especially games for young children. Highlights of the three new fairs feature more complex gameplay and take players of all ages into worlds filled with dragons, monster fights and mysteries.

for SPIEL’22 Club special cards for games “Lord of the Bones” and “Book of Dragons” supplied. Also, game developer Adam Strzelecki (including “Book of Dragons”) will be on the site Thursday and Friday from 12:00 to 14:00.

Lord of Bones

dungeon crawler game Lord of Bones / Lord of Bones takes the whole family to a fantasy world with immortal skeletons and a mighty ruler, the lord of bones. Legend has it that the undead hold an untold treasure. As heroic characters, players go in search of treasures in the catacombs. Aim
Owning the largest share of the treasure and…

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