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22.09.2022 // Autumn novelties from HUCH! – Party games

Now it gets loud and fun! Explore the funny world of memes with your family or try to guess as many terms as possible in a given time – whatever you choose: you’re at the right party. Get to know our new party games for fall 2022:

What Are You Doing – Family: Worldwide bestseller “What are you doing?” It’s now family friendly. Inside “Family Edition” No more 18+ content, lots of new memes and 300 fun and wacky text cards. Whether or not you’re from the “Breast Generation”, the whole family will have something to laugh about at every game. Let your parents surprise you and laugh to tears at the wonderful text-picture compositions, incredible combinations, and finally find out what your kids really find funny.

  • 3 – 20 persons
  • from 8 years
  • Game time 30 – 90 minutes.
  • Price approx. 21,99 EUR
  • Posted by What Do You Meme, LLC

rabbit hopsGet ready for !: Rabbit Sorbets!, family friendly party game for ages 14+! You play in teams and try to guess the most terms in 1 minute. There are 9 themes like “celebrities”, “songs”, “brand names” or “sports”! When it’s your turn to guess, hold a card with a term on your forehead. Now it’s up to your team members: they need to help you guess the term. Sound easy? Danger! Depending on the category, they may not simply describe it, for example, they must imitate animals or people, hum songs, or represent the word in pantomime. But not only that: you must also draw challenge cards that make each round special: now you may have to pretend to sob, dance to the side or use just one arm for your gestures! There are over 400 cards with over 900 terms in it Rabbit Sorbets!.

  • 4 – 16 people
  • 14 years and older
  • game time 20 min.
  • Price approx. 37.99 EUR
  • Authors: Nicolas Saleil, Florence de Nazelle

22.09.2022 // New board game adventures from IELLO in autumn 2022

Traveling through space, wandering through the woods as Little Red Riding Hood, searching for an infinity piece, screaming wildly in an explosive mine, or truly villainous – these are adventure worlds that will open in the fall of 2022 via French publisher IELLO. Are you ready? Learn more here:

Distant Suns: Your mission: map the galaxy! Plan your trajectory, find black holes, contact aliens… and collect upgrades! Try to reach the edges of your universe arc and collect more points than your opponents to become the most famous space explorer of all time!

  • 2-4 persons
  • from 10 years
  • Playing time is approximately 25 minutes.
  • Price approx. 19.99 EUR
  • Authors: Gary Kim & Yeon-Min Jung

Infinity Pieces: Ready for a high-energy deckhouse that offers fast and tactical gameplay? Inside Infinity Pieces

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