We’re rocking again! Number! No Demon’s Tilt this time. This time it’s about another pinball game, namely Pinball FX 3 and the Fish Tank table.

Rules of the week:

  • Pinball FX 3 game is played
  • The table where the Fish Tank is played
  • The game is played using the game’s built-in tournament function.
  • in the tournament each player has 10 chances to enter a result
  • best score wins
  • equal points are equal

How to join:

  • Launches Pinball FX 3
  • goes to the competitions section
  • Searches for the active tournament created by Gnislew and is set to the Fish Tank table
  • tournament password bloggames
  • plays between one and ten games

A screenshot is not necessary this time, as there is a leaderboard in the game itself. You can publish your result in the club. The current tour is from 22/06/2020 00:01 to 28/06/2020 23:59. I wish you success.

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