The launch of CoD Modern Warfare 2 is not without problems: While the servers are mostly stable and queues are rare, there are loads of technical issues across all platforms:

CoD MW2: The most common mistakes and what you can do


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CoD MW2: The most common mistakes and what you can do

As the developers have now confirmed, there is another problem for PC gamers with Nvidia graphics cards.

New Nvidia driver brings major graphics issues

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, graphics card manufacturer Nvidia released its latest graphics driver. Because many players Problems such as bumps and stuttering struggling, many just installed this latest version – and are now struggling with more problems than before.

Driver 526.47 causes stability issues, as development studio Beenox, which supports Infinity Ward in the PC version, has now confirmed:

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We can confirm these graphics issues: After updating to the new Nvidia driver, we experienced the following issues in addition to the stability issues mentioned:

  • even more micro stuttering already
  • Partially textures and even entire walls disappear for fractions of a second
  • HE image flickers sometimes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story Campaign Test Video


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story Campaign Test Video

This is how you fix the problem temporarily

As PC Gamer reports, Nvidia has confirmed the faulty driver and is currently working on a fix. Until then, developers recommend downgrading to an older driver version. We can confirm that new issues with Nvidia Driver 522.25 released on October 12 are gone again.

Method 1

You can download the 522.25 driver from the Nvidia website and just install it on the faulty driver. You should then be able to see 522.25 as the installed version again in Geforce Experience.

Method #2

Alternatively, you can press the Windows key, search for and open Device Manager, and then find your graphics card there. Open your graphics card properties and switch to tab driver and select the option previous driver – finished!

How is CoD MW2 going with you? Are you bothered by crashes and stutters or does it run smoothly? Write us in the comments!

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