Role playing meets fitness! the only book in the world Dungeons and Exercises It will air on August 14, 2017 by Meyer & Meyer Verlag with support from Rocket Beans TV.

This book wants to be more than the reasons why the dining table is no longer swaying or the last hue on the stylish bookcase is finally occupied. It is not water-repellent, but thanks to it every drop of sweat that seeps out is happy for it. But first of all, this isn’t just the next exercise book with lengthy teachings on how a healthy mind can have a healthy body. The book doesn’t really care (it doesn’t hurt anyway). Also, this isn’t the next book you’re devoting yourself to with chocolate milk and a bag of peanuts on your crumbly bed.

For some, it’s a kind of role-playing book where things have to be worked out with sweaty workouts, but with a certain freedom of choice at the same time. For some, it’s a sportsbook that comes with more motivation than pictures of beautiful people looking fitter than the reader itself, and for others it’s “the greatest experience I’ve ever had”. With the help of this book and a standard room (including some furniture), a lot can be set in motion—preferably both the reader’s imagination and body.

Inside Dungeons and Exercises takes the hero’s journey through medieval villages, swampy swamps and the darkest dungeons from one challenging mission to the next. The reader not only defeats the dark men in this fantasy world, but also becomes much more fit in reality.

bibliographic information
Gino Singh, Hauke ​​Gerdes, Matthias Ralf, Kai Kistenmacher
With illustrations by Alwin Reifschneider
Dungeons and Exercises – From a belly leek to a world hero
1st edition August 2017
256 pages, approx. 180 photos, color
Half flap paperback, 19.6 x 25.4 cm
ISBN 978-3-8403-7562-0, €22.95 [D]

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